and the bullets catch in her teeth


*gets nervous over things i cant control*

*neglects things i can control*

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So, just thinking about how my list of lesbian friends who I can talk to about silly lesbian things has regrettably gotten smaller, I have come to a couple conclusions, that this has likely occurred because:

a) I moved out of the seemingly lesbian-capitol of Georgia (GCSU in Milledgeville has a lot of lesbians, okay, for real. Even the greek life is swimming in the lezzies - not so much at UGA)

b) I have had some sort of non-platonic involvements and/or situations with some of these lesbian friends and I guess… they are no longer ‘friends’ now?

Basically, the L Word lied; Lesbians do not always just conveniently pop up in your vicinity when you need them to, and dating/doing non-platonic things with your friends is not just an easy, casual idea.

Alright, thought-rant over.

Anonymous Asked: how tall/short are ya lovely lady ? :) I know random question haha

good question! it’s a mystery. Haha, nah, I tell people I’m 5’4 but I’m actually somewhere just under 5’5 - so proooobably around 5’4 & 1/2 ish